The National Guard showed the trophy equipment captured in Kharkiv on February 24 |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The National Guard showed the trophy equipment captured in Kharkiv on February 24 | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Oleksandr, national guard

These two specimens were captured by the special forces of the Eastern Territorial Administration on February 24, at approximately 17:00. It was already in the district, in Kharkiv. These vehicles moved in a convoy and were loaded with special police equipment, which suggests that the personnel of the Russian Federation was not ready and they thought it would be an easy ride. They will arrive in Kharkiv in two hours, stand on Svobody Square and form their order. There was no ammunition in the car.

But it didn’t work out. The truck became the property of Ukrainian defenders. The fate of the crew is not known. The car was converted and now it performs combat tasks of evacuating equipment from the battlefield – ours and trophy ones.

Oleksandr, national guard

At that time, we had a great need for vehicles that could evacuate our damaged equipment from the battlefields, so we decided to convert this car. It has increased cross-country ability, it is powerful, it is a new example, a special vehicle kettle, which currently performs evacuation functions by the method of partial loading on itself.

Equipment removed from the combat zone is sent to the assembly point for damaged vehicles.

Oleksandr, national guard

I can show you two pieces of equipment that were captured in the war zone. One car was used as a donor, it cannot be restored. And from the machines that are subject to restoration, we choose the best in terms of technical condition and use them for repairs. On this copy, you can see a sample that has already been repaired at the ZPPM and will go to the place of tasks.

There is no difference – the enemy’s equipment or ours, say the National Guardsmen. To work on the right side, under the yellow-blue flag.

Andriy, national guard

It is OK. New equipment is normal. It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment, so that it drives, does.

Oleksandr, national guard

At the moment, we have defected BMP 1, this is a professional vehicle that was captured in Verbivka, Kharkiv region. After the capture, our guys exploited it, now there was a need to lubricate the rollers of the armored car and replace a certain number of geese.

Vitaly, national guard

This is an armored personnel carrier, which was brought by our military, to be repaired, repainted and sent to our soldiers so that they could use this equipment. The boys will paint nicely, draw the flag and everything will be beautiful.

Andriy, national guard

The equipment is being serviced, defects are being tested, and we will try to pump in the air system. We will check the hydraulic system and other units-units for further deployment for combat missions.

In case repairs are needed immediately and there is a mobile auto repair shop on site.

Oleksandr, national guard

ZPPM is organized in a terrain that allows us to conduct camouflage and covert movement. We periodically change its location. We organize the assembly point with the help of PARM-201 vehicles (mobile automobile repair shop). These are means of field repair, which were delivered to the ranks of the National Guard of Ukraine in the period from 2014. These vehicles have increased cross-country ability, because tasks are performed in field conditions, in forests, fields. . This complex is completely autonomous. It can work both from the network, there is also a diesel generator. Everything is here – a fight, a charge, a machine. This vehicle leaves and completeness ensures the repair.

Andriy, national guard

Everything related to metalworking – sharpening, drilling, cutting, welding. We do all metalworking works. Bolts, studs, nuts, bushings, fittings, shafts are guided and drilled.

Another indispensable machine is an automated loader, which is able to independently, without the additional help of a crane, pull out, load and evacuate damaged equipment from the combat zone.

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