the network showed what Mahidevran looks like now from the "Great Age" - UNIAN

the network showed what Mahidevran looks like now from the “Great Age” – UNIAN

The concubine of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I, the mother of Shahzadeh Mustafa Mahidevran-Sultan was an ambiguous character in the famous series, but she has a large fan club.

Mahidevran - the first wife of Sultan Suleiman / screenshot Mahidevran – the first wife of Sultan Suleiman / screenshot

Nur Fettahoglu is a Turkish-German actress who became famous throughout the world for the role of Mahidevran-Sultan in the cult TV series “Great Century”. Now she is 42 years old. If you analyze her Instagram profile, she hasn’t changed much after filming in the series. Of course, she does not walk in such magnificent outfits as her heroine. But even without them, Fettahoglu has an attractive appearance.

What Nur Fettahoglu looks like now

The only thing that has changed in her appearance since the release of the series is her hair color. Nur decided to be a blonde. In everyday life, she dresses very simply: jeans, shirts, T-shirts and sundresses. At social events, she wears laconic cocktail dresses that emphasize her aspen waist and long legs.

As you can see from the photos of the celebrity, she is not a fan of bright makeup and beauty injections. Nur advocates naturalness, so she has natural lips and barely noticeable makeup. This is confirmed by many close-up pictures.

Fettahoglu’s body is very athletic and toned. In one of her interviews after the release of the cult series, she said that she practices yoga and tries to exercise, even if she has a very busy schedule and practically no free time.

Where else did Nur Fettahoglu film?

This star can be seen in many series. For example, “Emptiness” (2021), “Paper House” (2021), “Babylon” (2020), “Sisters’ Children” (2019), “On the Life Path” (2014-2015) and others.

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