The next package of EU sanctions will not ban the import of gas from Russia,

The next package of EU sanctions will not ban the import of gas from Russia,

Reports Reuters.

“What is definitely problematic is to include energy in the sanctions, because you have to follow the rule that the sanctions should affect Russia more than the countries that impose the sanctions,” Fiala said.

According to him, there is no chance that the ban on the import of Russian gas will be part of the seventh package of European sanctions.

“I believe that this should not happen, because a number of countries depend on Russian gas,” he said.

The publication writes that the Czech Republic, which has been presiding over the EU since July 1, is one of those countries that depend on Russia for energy.

The Prime Minister said that the sanctions should ban the import of gold, expand the list of dual-use goods prohibited for export to Russia, and expand the list of sanctioned persons. The European Commission plans to present the package in the coming days, and member states can approve it immediately afterward.

  • Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Canada will return the Nord Stream turbine to Germany.
  • On July 11, Ukraine summoned a representative of Canada over the transfer of a turbine for Nord Stream.
  • Afterwards, Canada’s prime minister said the decision to grant an exemption from sanctions and return the Russian pipeline to Germany was “very difficult.”

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