the number of dead increased to at least 300 people


Dozens of civilians and IDF soldiers are believed to have been abducted and transported to the Gaza Strip.

The number of victims of the Hamas attack on Israel has increased to at least 300 people / photo

The death toll as a result of a large-scale attack by the terrorist group Hamas on Israel has increased to more than 300 people. The number of victims is expected to continue to rise.

About this informs The Times of Israel. It is noted that at least 1,590 people were injured. Many victims are in serious condition.

In addition, dozens of civilians as well as IDF soldiers are believed to have been abducted and taken to Gaza.

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The situation in Israel: it is worth knowing

On October 7, 2023, Hamas militants attacked Israel. They launched a massive rocket attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip – more than 2,000 rockets were fired at the country.

In response, the Israeli army attacked Palestinian positions. Later, the IDF reported on the results of strikes on the Gaza Strip. It is known that Israeli fighter jets struck the operational headquarters of Hamas, which the militants used to carry out rocket attacks.

It is known that among the dead in Israel may be a citizen of Ukraine. This information is being verified.

The commander of the Israeli Nahal Brigade, Colonel Yonatan Steinberg, was also killed during a firefight with Hamas militants.

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