The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated dozens of units of Russian equipment and wounded more than 110 occupants

the occupier told how the commanders of the Russian Federation trembled from the shelling of the Armed Forces (audio)

At the same time, volunteers of the Russian Federation surrender their positions and flee home.

the occupier told how the commanders of the Russian Federation The occupier told how the commanders of the Russian Federation are afraid of the Armed Forces / photo REUTERS

The Russian occupier said that their commanders turned out to be cowards, and deserters are fleeing their positions by the dozens.

As evidenced by the new interception According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Russian commanders are terrified of shelling, so they sit in shelters and do not even go to the toilet.

“This is how our chief of staff does it: well, combatant, there is an idiot, and their whole screw-up is f*darastic. They shit in bottles and give them to the soldiers to throw away. They don’t even go out themselves. They are afraid, because the shelling is h*cking – that’s all, they are sitting, rats,” the occupier said.

In addition, he noted that there are rumors about the withdrawal of the unit to Luhansk, and then to Russia. However, the invader does not believe in this. Meanwhile, the occupiers are voluntarily leaving their positions in groups.

“We caught another 20 of our fugitives at night. Well, how did we catch them: they were walking along the road. We didn’t shoot them, nothing. We just put them down, and today there was an investigation, they were taken to the headquarters. As it turned out, they surrendered their positions , well, they happened. They are all volunteers. Now the military tribunal, in short, is waiting for them,” the occupier noted.

The Russian also admitted that Ukrainian soldiers “by some trick” captured an enemy tank with its crew.

“Our tank is screeching at us right now. It should appear somewhere before one o’clock. Well, the tank is ours, and the crew is scruffy. They are screeching at us from behind,” the occupier said.

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Interception of invaders: the most interesting

Russian occupiers often reveal secrets about the “second army of the world” to their relatives. Recently, during a telephone conversation, the Russian occupiers discussed how to escape from the war in Ukraine. In particular, the invaders considered options for simulating battle wounds.

Also, in an intercepted telephone conversation, a Russian military man told his wife that no one changes the military and there is practically no rotation. Therefore, the Russian invaders refuse to participate in direct combat clashes with Ukrainian soldiers.

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