The occupiers announced a new "administrative capital" of the Kherson region

The occupiers announced a new “administrative capital” of the Kherson region

This was reported by the propaganda publication RIA-Noviny.

According to the collaborator Oleksandr Fomin, who holds a position in the fake administration of the region, the Ukrainian city of Henichesk will become the new “capital” of the temporarily occupied part of the Kherson region.

The Russians were forced to change the “administrative capital” after the Ukrainian Armed Forces de-occupied Kherson.

Where is Henichesk located:

The occupiers announced a new administrative capital of the Kherson

  • On November 11, videos of Ukrainian military personnel hoisting yellow and blue flags in Kherson appeared online. This is confirmed by the GUR of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Also, on November 11, the remains of the bodies of civilians were discovered in a village in the de-occupied Kherson region.

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