The occupiers announced an "evacuation" from Izyum, Kupyansk and Veliky Burluk in the Kharkiv region

The occupiers announced an “evacuation” from Izyum, Kupyansk and Veliky Burluk in the Kharkiv region

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Today, September 9, the occupation administration of the Kharkiv region announced the “evacuation” of the population from Izyum, Kupyansk and Veliky Burluk.

Russian propagandists, in particular, write about this TASS.

It is noted that the “evacuation” is carried out due to shelling. This was stated by the so-called head of the administration Vitaliy Ganchev.

The SBI informed about the beginning of filtering measures in the liberated Balaklia – who is they looking forInformation about those who worked with the occupiers began to be checked in the liberated Balaklia. They also check those who may threaten national security.
September 9, 2022, 2:44 p.m

«“Evacuation” is being carried out in the Kharkiv region from Izyum, Kupyansk and Veliky Burluk, which is also under “fire“, the message says.

Residents are taken to the occupied part of the Luhansk region and to the territory of the Russian Federation.

We will remind you that the Ukrainian military is conducting a successful counteroffensive in the Kharkiv direction – in three days it was possible to advance almost 50 km. And, according to intelligence, some units of the occupiers suffered significant losses.

It was previously reported that it is very important for the Ukrainian military to liberate the city of Kupyansk, which is a key logistical hub of the Russian occupiers. After that, you can plan further steps of the Armed Forces.

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