The occupiers will provide compensation for coal only if they have a passport of the Russian Federation,


About this informs Artem Lysohor, head of the Luhansk OVA.

It is noted that the occupation “authorities” adopted the appropriate procedure for compensation in the second decade of November, when people had to be warm, and not look for the necessary documents, stand in lines and wait for the money to arrive.

According to the head of OVA, bureaucratic procedures will take up to two months. Moreover, the document has not yet reached the local occupation authorities, where, accordingly, the commissions have not started working.

“However, if a person does not have a passport of the Russian Federation, as is the case with many residents of rural areas, then one can not count on compensation, but face the “Russian winter”, – emphasized Lysogor.

In addition, he reported, that local residents are being evicted from the multi-apartment building in Rubizhny, where the entrance collapsed in November. So far, only from the neighboring entrances, which have been recognized as emergency.

The occupiers offered the residents several places in the dormitory without heating and other communications. The invaders recommended that most of them, who did not have enough beds, seek shelter from relatives or rent housing at their own expense. Instead, all the vacated houses and apartments are already occupied by Russian military personnel and collaborators.

  • The day before, it was reported that the commissions for forced passporting in the temporarily occupied territories will be strengthened by representatives of the youth movement of the pro-government party in order to issue Russian documents to every resident of the TOT before the elections in the Russian Federation.



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