The oldest pair of shoes in Europe was found in Spain – UNIAN


A pair of sandals can be 6,000 years old.

6,000-year-old grass sandals were discovered in Spain / UNIAN collage, photo University of Alcala, Wikipedia

The oldest pair of shoes in Europe was found in a bat cave in Spain, it is reported Independent.

The discovery of grass sandals in the Cueva de los Murcielagos, or Bat Cave, in Andalucia has shocked researchers, who believe they could be around 6,000 years old.

When miners began excavating the cave in the 19th century, they discovered a gallery that housed partially mummified corpses, boar teeth and a unique golden crown. About 76 preserved artefacts have now been analyzed by scientists in Spain.

The objects represent the oldest and best-preserved collection of plant fiber materials in Southern Europe to date.

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“The documented technological diversity and processing of raw materials highlight the craftsmanship of prehistoric communities,” the scientists say.

According to the report, the Neolithic sandals represent “the earliest and most extensive assemblage of prehistoric footwear both in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe.”

Scientists say that the shoes were well preserved due to the low level of humidity in the caves.

The cave was first entered in 1831 by the owner of the surrounding lands, who collected a large amount of bat droppings for fertilizer in the main chamber. The cave was also used to keep goats until the discovery of a vein of galena led to its exploitation by a mining company in 1857.

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