the OPU gave a forecast (video)

the OPU gave a forecast (video)

Republicans who are in favor of ending aid to Ukraine do not represent the majority, Arestovych emphasized.

What will happen with US aid after the elections: the OPU gave a forecast / photo What will happen with US aid after the elections: the OPU gave a forecast / photo

If, according to the results of the midterm elections, the Republican Party is able to establish control over the House of Representatives of the US Congress, the United States will not refuse military aid to Ukraine, the OPU believes.

As stated the advisor of the Office of the President, Oleksiy Arestovych, on the “Feygin LIVE” broadcast, the refusal to provide military aid to Ukraine will not be supported by American society. According to polls, 60-70% of Americans are in favor of continuing and increasing the supply of military aid.

“Among the Republicans, there is a group of isolationists, a group that gravitates towards Trump, some of which are isolationists, some of which hate the Democrats so much, … for them, the Democrats seem a bigger threat than Putin, whom they even consider to be the guardian of conservative values. But they do not represent the majority,” Arestovych noted.

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According to his forecasts, in the event of obtaining a majority in Congress, the Republicans may announce the launch of Lend-Lease.

“I predict how it will end. The Republicans will struggle for a while, including that they will need time for internal logistics to take the majority, appoint the committee chairs, and then collectively issue something like: “You know, the Democrats promised Lend-Lease, but we really launched,” says the OPU advisor.

Arestovych also predicts an increase in military aid to Ukraine and the rejection of the idea of ​​negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

“I predict that flow [військової допомоги США] will increase, I don’t know how much. I think that the range will expand, more modern weapons will be used. Together with Europe and the United States, the British Commonwealth awaits us, Defense Forces, increased aid, diversity and strengthening in terms of quality indicators. Especially against the background of the possible (or already imminent) arrival of Iranian long-range missiles in two weeks, against the background of the second wave of mobilization and others. Everyone will understand that talks about negotiations during this war were held repeatedly, and the negotiations themselves were held, but only led to escalation,” he added.

Elections in the USA and aid to Ukraine – what you should know

In the USA on Tuesday, November 8, mid-term elections to the Congress were held. Based on preliminary results, the Republican Party may establish control over the House of Representatives.

On the eve of the elections, the number of opponents of military support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased in the Republican Party. The share of Republicans who think the aid is excessive has increased from 9% to a third. There were rumors of a split among the Republicans, which could potentially hinder the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, the Office of the President of Ukraine stated that talks about the possibility of a decrease in US support after the congressional elections are speculative and only benefit Russia.

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