На захопленій окупантами Запорізькій АЕС зараз немає радіаційної загрози, але ситуація може погіршитися, якщо росіяни продовжать обстріл.

The OVA said whether there is a radiation threat at the Zaporizhzhia NPP

There is currently no radiation threat at the occupied Zaporizhia NPP, but the situation may worsen if the Russians continue shelling.

Oleksandr Starukh, the head of Zaporizhzhya OVA, announced this on the air of the telethon.

«For the time being, I want to reassure everyone that the measurements are being carried out both at the site itself and within the city of Energodar. Currently, it is 8-12 micro-X-rays. But this does not mean that the occupiers cannot do something“, – he said.

After the shelling, the rescuers promptly localized the damage. Currently, only 5 and 6 power units are operating at the NPP. Starukh added that the reaction of international organizations to the provocations of the Russian occupiers at the Zaporizhzhia NPP is not tough enough. Russia continues nuclear terror and blackmail.

It will be recalled that on August 5, the occupiers fired twice at the ZNPP. There was a threat of spraying of radioactive substances.

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