The pace of operations on the front in Ukraine will

The pace of operations on the front in Ukraine will increase in the coming weeks – ISW

The ISW said the overall pace of operations across the front line in Ukraine will increase in the coming weeks as temperatures drop and the ground freezes. Illustrative photoPhoto –

In the coming weeks, the overall pace of military operations on the front in Ukraine is likely to increase.

About this reports American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

It is noted that the pace of operations along the front line has weakened due to worsening weather conditions. However, when the temperature drops and the ground freezes, the pace will pick up, because the mobility of the military will increase again.

Reports from the Ukrainian and Russian sides indicate that operations in the east and south are being complicated by a heavy swamp formed as a result of the rains.

In addition, Russian officials continue to make efforts to deport Ukrainian children to the Russian Federation. They do it under the guise of medical rehabilitation and adoption programs. In particular, it is known that the occupation administration of Luhansk region conducted medical examinations of 15,000 children aged between two and 17 years. They found that 70% of the children (10,500 people) allegedly needed “special medical care”, so they were taken to Russia for “treatment”.

According to analysts, it is likely that Russian officials want to balance the influence of “Putin’s chef” Yevgeny Prigozhin by promoting parallel military structures. They have appointed pro-Kremlin businessman Armen Sarkisian as the new administrator of prisons in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, so Sarkisian can use this to create a new “private military company”.

Officials of the Russian Federation may further contribute to Kadyrov’s military structures and Sarkisian’s efforts. In addition, ISW suggested that the Russians are using inert Kh-55 cruise missiles for mass shelling of Ukraine. This emphasizes the exhaustion of the arsenal of high-precision weapons of the invaders.

It will be recalled that ISW also reported that Russia probably began to exchange prisoners of war more often in order to calm the wave of discontent in the information space.

Also, the Russian Federation is creating informational conditions for an attack under a “foreign flag” in the Belgorod region in order to restore public support for the war in Ukraine.

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Source: The pace of operations on the front in Ukraine will increase in the coming weeks – ISW

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