The Pentagon and the US State Department are at odds over the supply of weapons to Ukraine – Politico


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The Ministry of Defense and the US State Department are “moving at different speeds” on the issue of providing weapons to Ukraine. The Pentagon is too slow to approve the much-needed weapons, saying they are “too complicated, require too much training, or could provoke Putin.”

He writes about it Politico with reference to a high-ranking representative of the presidential administration.

“The State Department is looking for opportunities, the Ministry of Defense is looking for threats. People in the Department of Defense would say that they need to think about the pros and cons of every weapons decision, and that the onus is on them.”the interlocutor said.

As a recent example, he cited the long-range tactical missile system that President Joe Biden agreed to send to Ukraine last week after more than a year of debate. The Pentagon initially resisted sending the missiles because there were not enough of them in the American arsenal.

American officials acknowledge that Pentagon leaders are taking a deliberate approach to assessing Ukraine’s needs on the battlefield. But Defense Department officials often say their top priority has always been to give Ukraine what it needs to fight.

The article also says that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, will give way to his successor, Charles Brown, on Friday.

Milley and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin have been criticized for delays in approving the weapons, but there is optimism in Ukraine that Brown will push for more sophisticated weapons to be sent. One of the advisers of the Ukrainian government said that Kyiv had a favorable impression of Brown.

It will be recalled that the USA has chosen the chief observer for military aid in Ukraine.

The US State Department also explained what could affect the speed of providing military aid to Ukraine.

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Source: The Pentagon and the US State Department are at odds over the supply of weapons to Ukraine – Politico


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