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The Pentagon cannot yet confirm whether the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Viktor Sokolov, actually died. About this at the briefing reported US Department of Defense spokeswoman Sabrina Singh.

According to her, she has no confirmation of the alleged death of the Russian military leader.

“At this time, I cannot confirm these reports. I have seen the reports, but I cannot confirm anything,” Singh said.

On September 22, the Defense Forces attacked the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet with missiles. Two days later, the Special Operations Forces announced that the commander of the enemy fleet in the Black Sea was allegedly killed there. In total, 34 officers were allegedly liquidated, and another 105 occupiers were injured.

Neither the Minister of Defense could confirm the liquidation of Sokolov Rustem Umerov, nor the US State Department. The head of the Ministry of Defense said: “If Sokolov is dead, this is good news for everyone.”

On September 27, the Russian propaganda publication Zvezda, owned by the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country, published a number of videos in which Sokolov was allegedly alive.

  • State Department spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said she had seen a video of the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which was published in Russia, but she “has nothing to confirm yet.”
  • There are many videos online showing the moment and consequences of the attack on the headquarters of the occupying fleet.
  • The commander of the Tauride direction stated that attacks on the temporarily occupied Crimea, as well as an attack on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, are important for the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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