the period of use of paper declarations has been extended


About this informs Ministry of Social Policy in Ukraine.

“The Cabinet of Ministers has extended the possibility of using paper declarations for the import of humanitarian aid to Ukraine until April 1 next year. This will allow organizations that import humanitarian aid to continue their activities according to usual procedures,” the message reads.

At the same time, the ministry notes that from December 1, 2023, recipients can start using a digital mechanism for importing humanitarian aid, that is, submit a declaration online using the Automated Humanitarian Aid Registration System.

Such changes were adopted taking into account the opinion of the volunteer community, which actively participated in the discussion of the issue, the Ministry of Social Policy writes.

At the same time, it is noted that the transitional period with the possibility of submitting a paper declaration will last until April 1, 2024. During this time, in cooperation with other authorities and civil society, the Ministry of Social Policy will continue to develop proposals to improve the legal regulation of the procedure for importing and accounting for humanitarian aid.

During the transition period, foundations, public organizations and other recipients will be able to adapt their processes to use the digital system and evaluate its benefits.

The ministry explains that from December 1, the recipient has no obligation to use only a paper or digital mechanism, that is, the organization can use any option, which will then be reflected in the reporting.

  • Ukrainian volunteers appealed to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi with a request to postpone the introduction of changes in the rules for importing and accounting for humanitarian aid, and to extend the current simplified regime for at least half a year.



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