The Pope called it "morally acceptable" to supply weapons to Ukraine

The Pope called it “morally acceptable” to supply weapons to Ukraine

Pope FrancisPhoto – Reuters

Pope Francis blessed the supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine, if they are used for self-defense.

He stated this at a press conference at the end of the summit of religious leaders in Kazakhstan. reports Reuters.

According to him, the provision of weapons is a political decision that can be “morally acceptable” if it is adopted under the conditions of morality. At the same time, “immoral”, according to him, are supplies to provoke war, sell weapons or get rid of them.

“Self-defense is not only legal, but also a manifestation of love for the motherland. He who does not defend himself, who does not defend anything, does not like it. Those who protect love”– he said.

In addition, the pontiff noted that there are difficulties in dialogue regarding negotiations with Russia, but such an option should not be rejected.

“I would not rule out a dialogue with any state in a state of war, even if it is the aggressor… Sometimes it is necessary to conduct such a dialogue. You have to, although you may not want to”the Pope emphasized.

We will remind that the representative of the Pope, Cardinal Konrad Kraevsky, will make his fourth visit to Ukraine since the full-scale invasion of Russia. He will visit Odesa, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and other places in the east of Ukraine.

Also, in August, Pope Francis met with the ambassador of Ukraine to the Vatican, Andrii Yuras. During the meeting, they discussed the possible visit of the pontiff to Kyiv.


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