The Prime Minister of Estonia wants to become the next Secretary General of NATO. Speaks about the importance of defeating Russia | News of Ukraine


Prime Minister of Estonia Where is Callas? stated that she wants to become the next NATO Secretary General after Jens Stoltenberg. She’s talking about this reported at the Politico Defense Summit.

She was asked if she wanted to consider her candidacy for the post of Secretary General of the Alliance, to which Callas answered in the affirmative.

According to her, she fully understands that Russia can be defeated and Ukraine can win the war.

“The conflict has not reached a stalemate. It is in Russia’s interests to portray conditions on the battlefield in that light. It works to their advantage. Let’s not fall into this trap,” Kallas said.

She noted that continued support from the United States is fundamental to a sustainable world.

  • During her visit to Ukraine, Callas stated that Ukraine’s membership in NATO and the European Union is a guarantee of security for Europe.
  • On April 26, it became known about the Kremlin’s plan for the “peaceful return” of the Baltic countries to Russian control.
  • During the war, Ukraine will not join NATO, the Alliance does not want to enter the war – Kallas.

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