The Rada has canceled admission to correspondence and evening studies for bachelors and masters from 2024 | News of Ukraine


The Verkhovna Rada adopted bill 10092, according to which from 2024 there will be no admission of applicants for evening and part-time education for bachelors and masters. About it it says on the Rada website.

β€œSince 2024, there will be no enrollment of applicants for higher education bachelor’s and master’s degrees in evening and correspondence forms of education, as well as for higher education associate bachelor’s degrees,” the adopted bill says.

According to it, in 2024, competitive selection for applicants will be made based on the results of an external independent assessment in 2021 and/or entrance exams in 2022-2024.

Tests for participation in the competitive selection will include the Ukrainian language, mathematics, history of Ukraine and an elective subject (physics, chemistry, biology, foreign language, geography, Ukrainian literature), the bill says.

For applicants to the relevant specialties, a single professional entrance test in economics and management or agricultural sciences can be additionally used, the document notes.

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