У МКЧХ наголошують, що організація виступала в ролі нейтрального посередника для безпечного виходу військових з Азовсталі у Маріуполі.

The Red Cross stated that they did not guarantee the safety of prisoners from “Azovstal”

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The International Committee of the Red Cross reported that it did not guarantee the safety of the Ukrainian defenders of Azovstal, who later ended up in Russian captivity.

About this the statement says ICRC on the organization’s website.

“We did not guarantee the safety of prisoners of war who were in the hands of the enemy, as it is not within our power… We explained this to the parties in advance. The duty of the parties to the conflict is to ensure the protection of prisoners of war from acts of violence, intimidation and public curiosity, as well as from the consequences of hostilities. Only the parties to the conflict can finally guarantee the safety and security of prisoners of war.”– noted in the Red Cross.

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March 28, 2022, 3:35 p.m

As noted, representatives of the Red Cross managed to visit some prisoners of war “held by the parties”, but they do not have access to all prisoners, in particular those held in the Olenivska colony.

At the same time, the ICRC emphasizes that the organization acted as a “neutral intermediary” for the safe exit of the military from “Azovstal” in Mariupol.

We will remind that the Russian occupiers, after numerous demands, nevertheless agreed to allow ICRC and UN inspectors to the site of the terrorist act in Olenivka. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

However, it later became known that the Russian occupiers did not allow representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit the prisoners of war in the colony in Olenivka, Donetsk region, which was attacked.

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