The Red Cross wants to increase the amount of rubber aid for residents of Mariupol

The Red Cross wants to increase the amount of rubber aid for residents of Mariupol

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The International Committee of the Red Cross plans to increase the volume of humanitarian activities in Mariupol.

This was announced by the general director of the organization, Robert Mardini interview Interfax-Ukraine.

Bodies are covered with concrete: the military told how the occupiers are “reconstructing” the Drama Theater in MariupolIn Mariupol, the occupiers are trying to “reconstruct” the Drama Theater – the bodies of the dead are covered with concrete, and they try to remove the smell with chlorine.
August 31, 2022, 5:13 p.m

According to him, yesterday it was possible to distribute 1,500 sets of humanitarian aid.

“We understand that there are much greater needs. We will increase the scope of our activities”– said Mardini.

He also noted that the organization will continue to provide assistance to Mariupol hospitals with medical equipment, medicines and provide targeted food and financial assistance to people in the temporarily occupied city.

According to Mardini, during the war, the ICRC provided financial aid for housing restoration to 300,000 Ukrainians.

We will remind, more than 156 thousand residents of Mariupol were left without housing. Recently, the first “hunger riot” took place in Mariupol.

In Mariupol, the invaders divide the surviving property, arranging shootouts.

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