The Russian agent who corrected the shelling of Kharkiv will be tried in the Rivne region


The indictment against the resident of Kharkiv, who is charged with treason committed under martial law, has been referred to the court.

About this informs Rivne Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

According to law enforcement officers, in 2022, the man was recruited by a representative of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. In order to fulfill the tasks of his curator, the accused collected intelligence on strategic and military objects, deployment points of the Armed Forces units on the territory of Kharkiv, as well as places of unloading of military equipment and its presence at one of the strategic enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

In addition, the attacker promptly “leaked” information to the Russian special services about the locations of rocket hits in Kharkiv, thus adjusting the shelling. At the same time, the man acted from ideological motives and was aware that he was working against the interests of Ukraine and its citizens.

Currently, the supporter of the “Russian peace” is waiting for the “liberators” in custody and does not admit his guilt.

The pre-trial investigation was carried out by the investigators of the Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Rivne Region under the operational support of the Main Department of Counterintelligence of the regional security body.

The sanction of the article for treason provides for the maximum punishment in the form of life imprisonment.

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