The Russian airline obliged the flight attendants to clean the plane

The Russian airline obliged the flight attendants to clean the plane

About this reports Telegram channel “Aviatorschyna”.

In August, Pobeda launched the Interior cabin crew project, under which “a group of flight attendants, while performing their main function on board, will inspect the aircraft for defects/damages/pollution and further work with engineering services to eliminate them.”

Arman Alikhanyan, director of the low-cost airline’s flight attendant service, announced this in a letter to employees.

It should be noted that “Pobyeda” is a low-cost subsidiary of the largest Russian airline “Aeroflot”.

  • We will remind that very strict sanctions have been imposed against the aviation industry in Russia: most of the world’s countries have closed the skies for them, and lessors, mainly from Ireland and Bermuda, have demanded that all aircraft be returned to their owners. Also, these planes were stripped of their flight safety certificates. In Russia, they are trying to bypass the restrictions and are actually starting to pirate ships. They are also hastily re-registering them in their registry. However, this does not remove the impact of sanctions. So, at the moment, Russian airlines can fly only within the country and to several “friendly” countries, and then until the planes are in a suitable technical condition, since foreign companies will not supply them with repairs or spare parts. Leading aircraft manufacturers also joined the sanctions.
  • The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation had to admit that this year the Russian air market expects a drop in passenger traffic by another 20% from the level of the crisis year 2021, and compared to the “golden” 2019 – by more than 30%.
  • Russia has significant problems with flight safety. It may end up on the “danger list” next to Eritrea and Bhutan. If the aviation authority of the Russian Federation does not eliminate the problem by September 14, the list will be officially made public, and a red flag will be placed opposite Russia, indicating the danger of passenger flights.

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