The Russian brigade, which committed atrocities in Buch, was almost completely destroyed

The Russian brigade, which committed atrocities in Buch, was almost completely destroyed

Photo of the stand with the liquidated

The Russian 64th Brigade, which mass-murdered civilians in Buch, a suburb of Kyiv, was almost completely defeated. However, the unit, which for its atrocities against civilians received the title of “Guardsman” from the hands of Putin, will not be disbanded – it will be replenished with soldiers from other broken units.

About this reports Radio Svoboda with reference to one of the occupiers who served in the brigade.

It is noted that serviceman Oleksiy Astashov published a post on social networks with a photo showing the dead members of the 64th Brigade. The post was later deleted.

Buchi’s ashes knock on our heartsAbout what Russia tried to achieve with its atrocities in the Kyiv region, and why all Russian occupiers must punish this act of terror – in the text of Anton Korzh.
April 6, 2022, 09:00

The publication reminds that after the Buchan massacre, when the involvement of the 64th brigade in mass murders was proven, unlike other units withdrawn from Kyiv, the brigade was not taken to the rear, but began to be transferred to other directions. Occupiers from the brigade died in great numbers, were wounded and refused to fight. Currently, no more than 500 people remain in the 64th brigade – from the initial 1,500. The rest were killed, wounded or refused to fight.

It will be recalled that in May, eight mass graves of civilians were discovered in the Kyiv region. At the same time, at the beginning of June, another mass burial of civilians was discovered near Bucha – at the site of positions of the Russian military, which were there in the spring.

During the Russian occupation, at least 461 people died in the city at the hands of the Russian occupiers. In total, the occupiers killed 1,137 people in the Buchi region and its surroundings.

At the end of May, the Security Service of Ukraine established the identities of four Russian soldiers who brutally tortured the civilians of Buchi. Before that, 10 Russian servicemen were arrested for looting property in the city.


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