The Russian Federation and Iran are recruiting former Afghan commandos for the war with Ukraine — UNIAN

The Russian Federation and Iran are recruiting former Afghan commandos for the war with Ukraine — UNIAN

Iran is helping the Russians to carry out this process.

The Russian Federation is recruiting former Afghan commandos for the war in Ukraine / REUTERS

Russia is recruiting members of the elite commando corps of the Afghan National Army, who remained in the country when the country fell to the Taliban last year, for the war against Ukraine.

It is reported Foreign Policy citing multiple sources in the Afghan military and security services.

For nearly 20 years, the trained light infantry fought side by side with American and other allied special forces against the Taliban. The Russian understands that these fighters can play a decisive role in Russia’s achievement of its goals on the battlefield in Ukraine.

According to the estimates of the publication, there are 20,000 to 30,000 Afghan volunteer commandos left in Afghanistan or neighboring countries. After the Tabilis came to power, only a few hundred senior officers were evacuated.

The US spent almost $90 billion on the creation and training of Afghan commandos. As FP points out, these forces were generally incompetent and handed the country over to the Taliban in a matter of weeks, but were always highly respected, as they were pets of the US Navy SEALs and the British Special Air Service.

Afghan commandos are still awaiting evacuation to the US and UK, but at the same time they remain easy prey for Russian recruiters. One of the former high-ranking employees of the Afghan security service emphasized on the condition of anonymity that the integration of commandos into the Russian armed forces will “change the rules of the game” on the battlefield in Ukraine.

An ex-officer of the Afghan special forces stated that the “Wagner” PMC is probably behind the recruitment of the Afghan special forces.

“They are better used by the Western allies, so that they fight on the side of the Ukrainians. They do not want to fight for the Russians, because the Russians are enemies. But what else should they do?” he said.

Several ex-commandos said they were being recruited through WhatsApp and Signal. Up to 10,000 ex-commandos can accept the offer of the Russians.

Iran is also involved in recruitment. According to the testimony of the former commando captain, he personally helped several former colleagues to contact the Military Commissariat in Tehran. According to him, recruits were transported from Afghanistan to Iran, and then to Russia.

“When they accept Russia’s offer, the special forces’ phones are turned off. They operate very stealthily,” said the former captain.

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Russia is recruiting convicts for the war in Ukraine – what is known

As reported, the Kremlin began to illegally involve its prisoners in the war against Ukraine after the resounding defeat near Kharkiv.

As reported by UNIAN, as of the beginning of October, ex-prisoners make up more than half of the 8,000 fighters of the private military company “Wagner”. It is known that “Wagnerivtsi” have already shot more than 40 recruited prisoners – they punished those who tried to escape to the Ukrainian troops.

Ukrainian intelligence explains the recruitment of prisoners in Russia by the lack of people willing to fight against the Armed Forces.

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