The Russian Federation has created a new PMC under the leadership of Surovikin. Wants to lure Wagnerites there – CNS – Ukrainian news, Politics


Russia has created a new private military company, which, under the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense, will probably be run by General Sergei Surovikin – he was recently spotted in Algeria. About it reports Center of National Resistance.

The Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country sends its representatives to Belarus and African countries, in particular to Algeria, Mali and Sudan.

The Russians want to convince as many Wagnerites as possible to sign a contract with the Russian Federation through a new private military company, writes CNS.

According to preliminary data, Surovikin was appointed responsible for the creation of the PMC.

โ€œThus, competition for trained human resources continues between the Belarusian dictatorโ€™s GardService Alexandra Lukashenko and new Russian PMCs under the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense,โ€ the message says.

  • Surovikin disappeared from the public sphere after the rebellion of the ex-leader of the Wagner group terrorists, Yevgeny Prigozhin, at the end of June. The media wrote that he was suspended from service and detained by FSB officers.
  • On August 22, information appeared that Surovikin was removed from the post of commander of the Military Space Forces โ€œdue to a transfer to another job.โ€
  • On September 15, Russian propaganda media published a photo of Surovikin from Algeria.

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