The Russian Federation, Iran and China are the axis of evil that threatens the USA,


McConnell said this in an interview with the TV channel Fox News.

“You have to respond to conditions that actually exist and are a threat to the U.S. The Iranians are also a threat to us. So this is an emergency. It’s an emergency that we’re facing and dealing with this axis of evil — China, Russia, Iran, because it is an immediate threat to the United States,” McConnell said.

The Republican leader in the Senate also criticized the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan during the presidency of Joe Biden, calling it a “wrong signal” and a “green light” to Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine.

“The question is whether the Americans will lead. I think the Biden administration sent the wrong signal and they had a disastrous exit from Afghanistan. I think it was like giving Putin the green light to invade Ukraine. And we see that Iran, the main sponsor of terrorism, is sending drones to Russia and attacking – Hezbollah, and in this particular situation Hamas – attacking Israelis with drones. So it’s all connected. You can’t isolate one part and say we’re only going to deal with with this. It’s all connected,” McConnell said.

The senator also commented on the position of the People’s Republic of China regarding the Hamas attack on Israel.

“We know whose side they’re on. We have to see this as a world issue,” McConnell said.

The politician also warned that Russia will attack NATO if it is not defeated in Ukraine. At the same time, he emphasized that democratic countries in Asia are interested in Ukraine’s victory.

“If the Russians are not defeated, their next step will be to go to a NATO country. And the idea that our Asian allies are somehow indifferent to Ukraine is completely false. The Prime Minister of Japan said that if you want to send President Xi (the leader of the PRC Xi Jinping – ed) message, beat the Russians in Ukraine. The South Koreans, the Japanese, the Taiwanese are all interested in what is happening in Ukraine because they know that President Xi is watching. President Xi recently said that they have endless friendship with the Russians. What else do you need to know about Ukraine’s relevance to Asia and the Middle East?” McConnell said.

Also, the leader of the Republicans in the US Senate noted that by helping Ukraine, the US is developing its own industry.

β€œOne of the best things about this from the US perspective is that when we, for example, transfer old equipment to the Ukrainians, we are rebuilding our industrial base in that country. Thanks to the help we provide to Ukraine, jobs are created in 38 states. And there is a restructuring of our industrial complex for a more serious major threat in Asia. Therefore, the idea that our aid to Ukraine is not useful for us is something false,” concluded McConnell.

  • At the beginning of October, after the adoption of the bill on the temporary budget of the US government, representatives of both parties in the Senate jointly declared their commitment to support Ukraine.



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