The Russian Federation launched a campaign against Reznikov, this is the largest IPSO in the history of TikTok


About this write Center for Strategic Communications, citing DFRLab investigation.

In late July 2023, DFRLab (Digital Forensic Research Laboratory) noticed several posts on Twitter re-posting TikTok videos criticizing the former defense minister of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov.

Accounts that posted videos only uploaded one video per account and used AI (artificial intelligence)-generated audio. Since then, BBC Verify has discovered hundreds of accounts using similar tactics.

The Russians circulated a video that Reznikov’s daughter, ICTV executive Anastasia Steinhaus, allegedly purchased a villa in Madrid through a shell Cypriot company.

“This was the first of many accounts to upload separate videos with similar claims, but the details in each video – such as images of the villa they allegedly bought or its value – were inconsistent, raising numerous questions about the legitimacy of the allegations,” SPRAVDI reports.

At the time of publication, TikTok had identified and removed more than 12,800 accounts that the social network estimated had participated in IPSO. The Russians attracted more than 847,000 followers, generating hundreds of millions of views;

The TikTok company described the situation as the largest information operation ever discovered on the platform. It is considered the Russian secret IPSO.

  • Currently, a fake video is circulating on the Internet, in which a military officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces calls on people to flee from Ukraine and the Defense Forces.



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