The Russian Federation sent three new brigades near Avdeevka, but four of their battalions suffered losses – brigade commander | News of Ukraine


During three days of offensive operations in the Avdeevka area, the Russian army lost the combat effectiveness of four of its battalions, he said in a comment to an American newspaper The Washington Post commander of the 59th separate mechanized brigade Vadim Sukharevsky. At the same time, according to him, the Russians deployed three new brigades near Avdeevka.

In correspondence with journalists, Sukharevsky said that Russian troops β€œconcentrated up to three fresh brigades” in the direction of Avdeevka.

According to him, the goal of the invaders is to surround the city from the south and north.

The commander of the 59th Mechanized Infantry Brigade said that the invaders are carrying out β€œsimultaneous massive attacks with mechanized columns and foot assault groups with the support of artillery and aviation, combined with attacks on our rear areas and the widespread use of UAVs.”

At the same time, Sukharevsky noted that during these days, four Russian battalions near Avdeevka have already lost their combat capability due to losses.

  • In recent days, the Russian Army has intensified attacks in the Avdeevka area, advancing with infantry and launching massive air strikes: watch the video.
  • The General Staff reported that the invaders were advancing in the Avdeevka area with forces of up to three battalions, supported by tanks and armored vehicles. More than 10 attacks were also repelled in the areas of Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Zolotaya Niva and Volodino.
  • On October 10, the Russians lost about a hundred armored vehicles at the front. It was also the first time since late June that a Russian aircraft was destroyed.

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