The Russian Federation transferred mercenary pilots to Ukraine, but significantly reduced their payments

The Russian Federation transferred mercenary pilots to Ukraine, but significantly reduced their payments

The fact is that pilots from private military companies cannot perform tasks efficiently.

Russia wants to reinforce aviation with mercenaries / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / Facebook

Against the background of significant losses on the territory of Ukraine, the Russian military and political leadership is looking for ways to replenish the occupying forces at the expense of private military companies. They are trying to attract hired fighters to strengthen the aviation component, but this does not bring success.

This is discussed in the evening summary General Staff of the Armed Forces.

According to the State Security Service, the Russian Federation decided to withdraw a contingent of private military companies from the Republic of Mali. In addition, Russian military mercenaries are trying to create an aviation component that can be used in Ukraine.

“However, the efficiency and training of the pilots who use various modifications of the Mi-8 do not allow them to perform the tasks as intended. In addition, the motivation of the flight crew is negatively affected by the significantly reduced, compared to Syria, payments,” the message says.

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Mercenaries at war against Ukraine

Russia actively uses mercenaries in the war against Ukraine. Mostly these are “Wagnerians”.

Due to significant losses, the “Wagners” began to recruit prisoners to themselves.

In September, a video appeared online showing Yevgeny Prigozhin personally campaigning for “convicts” in one of the strict regime colonies. Then he declared that “either the Communist Party of Ukraine and the prisoners, or your children” would go to fight.

Later, the Russian media revealed that Prigozhin had recruited more than a thousand prisoners, as well as a cannibal maniac who was serving a sentence in one of the prisons in the Russian city of Saratov.

On October 25, information appeared that prisoners suffering from HIV and hepatitis C are being taken from “Wagner”.

On October 28, it became known that fighters of the Ukrainian special unit “Hort” during a combat mission eliminated the deputy chief of mercenary staff of the “Wagner” PMC.

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