The Russian probably bought Forbes. What happens next


The formal owner of the company, the American entrepreneur Austin Russell, is most likely just a cover, WP writes. Both deny it.

But what if the information is true, and if the US authorities cannot prevent this deal, then the Kremlin gains more influence over the American business elites in the run-up to the US elections.

Ukrainians already went through this in 2013 during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. At that time, the gas oligarch Serhii Kurchenko, who is close to him, bought “Ukrainian Media Holding”, in particular, the Ukrainian version of the business magazine Forbes from businessman Boris Lozhkin. Did it save the regime? Did it lead to total censorship?


Photo: Screenshot from WP about the purchase of Forbes, showing Magomed Musaev

A significant part of the staff of the Ukrainian publication then resigned in protest. But these talented people did not go into internal emigration, did not disappear from the information space. They strengthened old and opened new independent media (and not only media).

Freedom of speech was preserved, access to information was preserved. But Yanukovych’s regime did not last even a year after these events.

Today, the situation is repeated on a global scale. Musayev is trying to help Putin the way Kurchenko once tried to help Yanukovych. And we all know how it all ended.


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