The Russians are looking for "cannon fodder" in Mariupol: men are agitated by SMS to join the Russian army - news from Ukraine, Politics

The Russians are looking for “cannon fodder” in Mariupol: men are agitated by SMS to join the Russian army – news from Ukraine, Politics

Residents of the temporarily occupied Mariupol receive SMS mailings with agitation to join the ranks of the occupiers. Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko urged local men to evacuate while possible and not become cannon fodder.

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Andryushchenko said that yesterday in Mariupol, mobile phone users of the “Phoenix” occupiers received an “advertising” message about joining the ranks of the Russian army.

“The covert mobilization is gaining momentum. Sources from Gauleiter Ivashchenko’s entourage report that ensuring mobilization is one of the conditions for his survival. Literally. Mariupol men. Evacuate while you can. Don’t turn yourself into cannon fodder,” the mayor’s adviser wrote.

The SMS says that in the ranks of the Russian army, Mariupol residents will allegedly receive from 200,000 rubles (about $ 3300), however, in numerous intercepts by the GUR and SBU, the Russians repeatedly complained that they did not receive the promised payments, which is why riots occur among the occupiers.

  • On July 10, the Main Directorate of Intelligence announced that the Russian army began to recruit mercenaries for the war in Ukraine from among the prisoners. Recruiters are said to be aiming to find 10,000 volunteers.
  • The Wagner PMC has already recruited more than 1,000 prisoners in at least 17 Russian colonies to go to war against Ukraine, according to the Russian publication Nestka.

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