The Russians shelled Zaporozhye and the suburbs, there are wounded

The Russians shelled Zaporozhye and the suburbs, there are wounded

Anatoliy Kurtev, secretary of the Zaporizhzhya City Council, told about this.

According to him, emergency services rescuers, medics and utility workers are working at the scene of the impact.

Three people were hospitalized.

“All victims are provided with emergency medical care. Three people have been transported to hospitals. Among them are two children aged nine and fifteen,” he emphasized.

At the place of arrival, people can get help in communal buses. The work of the territorial information center has been deployed nearby.

On the night of January 16, Oleksandr Starukh, the head of Zaporizhzhya OVA reportedthat the enemy launched a rocket attack on the regional center and suburbs.

There is destruction of civil, residential and industrial infrastructure. In addition, information was received about several lightly wounded.

The secretary of the Zaporozhye City Council published a photo of one of the consequences of shelling by the Russian military.

  • On Saturday, January 14, the Russian army struck Zaporizhzhia and the region, as a result of which an enterprise and three houses were damaged. The Russians also hit a critical infrastructure facility in the Kharkiv region twice, as a result of which part of Kharkiv was cut off and trains stopped in the subway.

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