The Seimas of Lithuania called on NATO countries to accept Ukraine into the Alliance in 2024


It is reported LRT.

The resolution states that Ukraine’s membership in NATO “will strengthen the Alliance, be much more effective and cost less than the current support of Ukraine for self-defense.”

“With Ukraine’s full support by practical means, including NATO’s political support, it would be correct to invite Ukraine to join NATO,” the document states.

“We hope that what could not be done in Vilnius will be achieved in Washington in ten months,” said the chairman of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs Ε½ygymantas Pavilonis.

He emphasized that if Ukraine’s membership in NATO is not confirmed, there is a threat of “bad peace”, which will affect the security of Lithuania.

The resolution states that Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance is supported by the “absolute majority of society.”

“Ukraine’s invitation to become a NATO member state will clearly confirm that Russia does not have the right to veto the expansion of NATO and cannot form “gray” security zones in Europe,” the document states.

It is worth noting that on September 14, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda expressed hope that Ukraine will receive a “green light” to join the Alliance at the NATO summit in Washington in 2024.

What is known about the NATO summit in Vilnius

On July 11, the NATO summit in Vilnius adopted a package of decisions regarding Ukraine: the stage of the Membership Action Plan is canceled, and the country will receive an invitation to the Alliance after fulfilling the requirements for entry and subject to the agreement of all allies.

The countries of the Alliance agreed on the final communique on Ukraine and declared that they remember the commitment of 2008 that Ukraine would become a member of NATO. The document also recognized that today Ukraine’s path to full Euro-Atlantic integration has gone beyond the scope of the Membership Action Plan. The member countries emphasized that Ukraine is becoming more operative and politically integrated with the Alliance and has made significant progress on the way to reforms. It is added that NATO foreign ministers will regularly assess progress through the Annual National Programme.

On July 12, the G7 countries agreed on a joint declaration, which specifies the parameters of security guarantees for Ukraine. All willing countries will be able to join the agreement.

On the same day, President Zelenskyi said that the NATO summit brought Ukraine closer to victory.



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