The Senate voted on a temporary budget without aid to Ukraine


The US Senate, following the House of Representatives, passed a resolution to temporarily extend government funding to avoid a shutdown after November 17 and forwarded it to President Biden for signature.

About this informs Reuters, writes Correspondent.

The draft law was supported by 87 senators – almost all Democrats and most Republicans, 11 spoke against.

The resolution allows the continuation of the allocation of funds to federal institutions according to a two-stage model:

  • some ministries and agencies will receive funds until January 19,
  • the rest – until February 2 of the following year.

The bill on the temporary budget was initiated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson.

The document extends funding for military construction, veterans benefits, transportation, housing, urban development, agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and energy and water programs through Jan. 19.

Funding for all other federal operations, including defense, will end on February 2. There is no aid for Ukraine there.

The combined national security package, which includes aid to Israel, Ukraine, the US border and Taiwan, will be considered by the House after Thanksgiving (November 23).

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