The start of the legalization of weapons: a single register has been launched  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The start of the legalization of weapons: a single register has been launched News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Even if the corresponding law is not adopted in the near future, and no changes are made to departmental by-laws, we will launch the Unified Register of Weapons in Industrial Use with the set of services that are ready and possible at this time.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Bondarenko told about this, he reports “Law and Business”.

We will remind, on February 23, people’s deputies adopted the draft Law No. 5708 on the right to civilian firearms. But in the process of finalizing it, the primary concept has changed significantly.

The official said that the Unified Register of Weapons is now already working in test mode. And it will be fully operational already at the end of October. The register should systematize all processes of using firearms in order to prevent their illegal circulation.

“Permitting and registration activities will be improved, the processes of forming, issuing and accounting for weapons permits will be automated, and appropriate electronic services will be created for citizens and business entities. In particular, the functionality of the Register provides for the creation of an electronic office of the gun owner, through which a person can apply for the purchase and storage of weapons, update data and carry out other mandatory procedures,” said the Deputy Minister.

The gun registration algorithm is similar to the process of registering a vehicle and obtaining a driver’s license.

“In order to become the owner of a weapon, a person must undergo training, pass an exam that he understands the design features of weapons, the rules of their handling and use. Then he buys a weapon, which is recorded in the Register accordingly. When he becomes the owner of a weapon, he receives certain responsibilities — to carry out the next shot in a timely manner, to submit this weapon for inspection on demand, etc. All these processes are shown in the Registry. This gives us the opportunity to effectively control the circulation of weapons, and the citizen to receive high-quality modern services


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