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Today, November 20, law enforcement officers reported suspicion to the former head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, Yuri Shchigol. According to investigators, he and other officials illegally enriched themselves by purchasing software in 2021. Department statedthat all purchases since 2020 were carried out in compliance with current legislation, and called for refraining from making accusations against officials until a court decision.

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β€œThe State Special Communications Service has provided all the necessary information to law enforcement agencies and is ready to continue to provide this information, since the work of the Service is based on the principles of openness and zero tolerance for corruption,” the State Special Communications and Communications Agency states.

According to the department, all purchases of the Service in 2020 were made in compliance with current legislation.

The State Committee for Special Communications notes that procurement in the field of protecting state registers is β€œcomplex, their analysis requires preparation and understanding,” and the agency is ready to provide all necessary explanations to NABU detectives, in any format.

β€œWe urge you to refrain from making accusations against specific officials or employees who are currently involved in organizing the protection of Ukraine’s critical information infrastructure until the investigation is completed and the results of the investigation are provided to a legal assessment by the court,” the department writes.

The State Committee for Special Communications continues to perform the functions assigned to it; the Cabinet of Ministers has entrusted the duties of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers to Dmitry Makovsky, the message concludes.

  • Today the government dismissed Shchigol from the post of head of the State Special Communications Service. After this, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau stated that the ex-official, his deputy and other officials were suspected of illegal misappropriation of public funds.
  • The investigation claims that Shchigol and other officials as part of an organized group β€œseized budget funds on an especially large scale, totaling over UAH 62 million.”
  • According to law enforcement agencies, in 2021, a company allegedly controlled by Shchigol won the tender for the purchase of software.

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