The subway is operating again in Kharkiv

The subway is operating again in Kharkiv

On Saturday, December 17, the Kharkiv metro resumed the movement of trains on all lines.  The OVA reported that the city and the region already have electricity.

On Saturday, December 17, the Kharkiv subway resumed train traffic.

This was reported in the press service of the metro.

“Traffic on the lines of the Kharkiv subway has been fully restored”said the message.

At the same time, this morning the subway in Kharkiv temporarily stopped. The press service did not specify the reasons.

The head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov reported this morning that Kharkiv and the region have electricity again.

“Currently, electricity supply has been restored throughout the region and the city”he wrote this morning.

The head of the OVA reminded that the day before, the entire region was completely without power after a massive missile attack by Russian troops on energy infrastructure facilities.

We will remind you that on December 16, Russian troops launched a massive attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. The light went out in Kharkiv and Poltava. Power and water outages began in Kyiv and other cities.

Closer to night in Kharkiv Oblast, power companies started supplying electricity to houses.

As of the morning of December 17, Kyiv has already restored water supply and launched the metro. Heat and electricity have not yet been supplied to all townspeople.

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Source: The subway is operating again in Kharkiv

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