The Taliban introduced another ban on women in Afghanistan

The Taliban introduced another ban on women in Afghanistan

The Taliban banned Afghan women from working in local and foreign NGOs. Illustrative photoPhoto courtesy of EPA/UPG

In Afghanistan, the Taliban movement has banned local and foreign non-governmental organizations from allowing women to work.

About this reports Reuters.

The ministry’s letter states that the ban is related to alleged non-compliance with the requirements of the “Islamic dress code for women”. Earlier, the Taliban banned women from studying at universities, which drew condemnation, criticism and sparked protests in Afghanistan.

The publication stressed that the Taliban’s latest restrictions on women will prevent them from gaining international recognition and will increase sanctions against them. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that this decision “could have devastating consequences for the Afghan people.”

The head of the UN mission in Afghanistan and humanitarian aid coordinator Ramiz Alakbarov said that the Taliban “violated humanitarian principles”. The UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs will try to meet with the Taliban leadership to get an explanation.

It will be recalled that the United Nations reported in January that the Taliban killed dozens of former military personnel, security forces and officials who worked with the international military contingent in Afghanistan after the US withdrew its troops.

Also, at least 326 people have died in Iran during the ongoing protests following the police station killing of local resident Mahsa Amini.

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Source: The Taliban introduced another ban on women in Afghanistan

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