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The White House is drawing up plans to ask Congress for its largest-ever arms and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine amid concerns that ongoing spending disputes could harm the US president. Joe Biden in next year’s elections. A British newspaper writes about this The Telegraphciting unnamed sources familiar with the discussions.

According to the publication, Biden is considering a β€œone-time” Ukraine aid spending bill before the next presidential election β€œin an attempt to break the impasse in relations with Republicans.”

According to some officials, the amount of the package could reach $100 billion.

“The idea of ​​a big package is strongly supported by many in the administration. Ukraine supporters want it to be a one-time big bill so they don’t have to deal with it until the next election,” said a source familiar with the discussions.

A US administration official told reporters that the White House is not making any decisions on whether to allocate one large package or its cost until the election of the speaker of the US House of Representatives takes place.

However, a large funding package for Ukraine is one of the options under consideration, which could give the Biden administration the “best chance” of securing funding for Ukraine before the November 2024 elections, the source said.

  • September 30, 2023 both houses of the US Congress supported the budget resolution on financing for 45 days – without new assistance to Ukraine until November 17.
  • So far, the Pentagon still has $5.2 billion left to help Ukraine, enough for about six months.
  • On October 3, Republican Matt Gaetz proposed removing McCarthy from the post of speaker, accusing him of concluding a β€œsecret agreement for Ukraine” with the Democrats and Biden. That evening, the House of Representatives voted to remove McCarthy.
  • Now the US House of Representatives will not be able to consider the allocation of new aid to Ukraine until it elects a new speaker. But Biden said there is an alternative way to fund it. According to media reports, we may be talking about a State Department grant program.

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