The territory of Crimea is gradually turning into a gray zone,


He expressed this opinion on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

“Indeed, there has not been such a storm in Crimea for a long time. There was no light in certain territories of Crimea as a result of the storm. Frankly speaking, the worse it is for the occupiers, the better it is for us. And gradually the territory of Crimea is becoming a gray area. Since the situation there is getting worse every day The ability of the occupiers to defend Crimea is decreasing. However, everything will depend on how ready we are to move in this direction,” Chiygoz explained.

The People’s Deputy noted that Ukraine’s partners understand the importance of Crimea and the Black Sea region in terms of security in Europe.

“When we were in Washington, I talked with our American colleagues and said that Crimea and the Black Sea basin are a very important area in the security of the whole of Europe. They also agreed with me that the liberation of Crimea will be a key stage in breaking the Putin regime and Russia itself After that, there was an interview of one of the congressmen, who is a Republican, where he noted that Ukraine needs to be helped to enter Crimea. After all, they know that the Black Sea is a very important region for the security of Europe,” he added.

  • On the evening of Sunday, November 26, 2023, a powerful storm began on the coast of the Ukrainian Crimean Peninsula occupied by the Russians. Half a million people were left without electricity.
  • Serhii Bratchuk, spokesman of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army South, reported that as a result of a powerful storm in the occupied Crimea, water washed away the trenches of the invaders



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