The threat of a nuclear attack on Ukraine was in March,

The threat of a nuclear attack on Ukraine was in March,

He expressed this opinion on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

“According to my observations, there was a threat of a nuclear attack on the territory of Ukraine in March. There is no such threat now. Therefore, it is difficult for me to say how much China’s promise regarding the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons is related to other promises. However, we definitely see that such statements exist and are just being played like that Russia will not be able to resort to nuclear blackmail,” Chaly explained.

The diplomat is convinced that the transfer of missiles with a range of 300 km or more to Ukraine depends only on the political decision of the USA.

“As for weapons for Ukraine, let’s not talk about airplanes, let’s talk at least about longer-range missiles. We can also ask for longer-range drones. In this matter, only a political decision by the United States will be enough. No China can stand in the way such a decision,” he added.

  • November 25 in the edition The Spectator reported that China promised to do everything possible “to neutralize Putin’s nuclear threat”. Instead, the US was supposed to oppose Poland’s transfer of Soviet MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine in March 2022

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