The TV channel of People's Deputy Kovalev, who is suspected of treason, was handed over to ARMA

The TV channel of People’s Deputy Kovalev, who is suspected of treason, was handed over to ARMA

It was reported State Bureau of Investigation.

According to the message, on August 17, the arrested TV channel of the deputy suspected of treason, Oleksiy Kovalev, was handed over to the ARMA administration. It is about “Channel 4”.

“With the joint efforts of the State Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Prosecutor General, it was possible to quickly establish and initiate the transfer to the National Agency of Ukraine for the identification, search and management of assets obtained from corruption and other crimes, the property of People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Kovalev”, – writes the DBR.

It is also noted that the total value of the property is more than UAH 18.5 million.

Oleksiy Kovalev is suspected of treason under martial law (Article 111, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and aiding the aggressor state (Article 111-2, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), for which a penalty of up to 15 years or life imprisonment with confiscation of property is provided. The deputy was declared wanted. A pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

  • In December 2021, Kovalev bought Channel 4 from former People’s Deputy Dmytro Dobrodomov, and later declared it as a gift from his parents. And in November 2021, Kovalev got into an accident with a car that was not in his declaration.
  • After the beginning of Russia’s large-scale aggression, the people’s deputy voluntarily remained in the occupied territories, which is why his membership in the Servant of the People party was suspended in April, and on May 3 he was expelled from the faction.
  • On June 8, a post in support of the occupiers appeared on the Facebook page of People’s Deputy Oleksiy Kovalev. It said that Kovalev attended “a very important event for him” – a meeting of the first deputy head of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Serhiy Kiriyenko, “with the farmers of the Kherson region.”
  • On July 6, People’s Deputy Oleksiy Kovalev was informed of suspicion of treason and aiding Russia. In April of this year, law enforcement officers opened a case against People’s Deputy Oleksiy Kovalev, who, after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, is in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region and is helping the occupiers.
  • On July 7, the Prosecutor General shared the details of the case of People’s Deputy Oleksiy Kovalev, accused of treason – the suspect organized the export of salt and grain from the Kherson region to Russia.
  • On July 15, People’s Deputy Oleksiy Kovalev was placed in custody on suspicion of high treason, without the alternative of bail. On July 16, the court seized the property of the traitor deputy in favor of the state. Property worth more than UAH 4.7 million was seized.
  • On August 3, it was reported that people’s deputy Kovalev’s TV channel, who is suspected of treason, was searched.

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