The Ukrainian icebreaker “Noosphere” went to the Antarctic


About this informs press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

It is indicated that the captain of the icebreaker is Oleksandr Hryshko. As last year, “Noosphere” went on an expedition as a joint Ukrainian-Polish team. The Antarctic program was partly financed by Poland.

“So, first the icebreaker will go to the Polish Antarctic Station “Arctowski” (Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station), which is located on King George Island. A team of polar explorers and cargo will be delivered there,” the report said.

After the icebreaker with a seasonal expedition and cargo will head to the Ukrainian station “Akademik Vernadskyi”. His arrival is expected in the first half of December. For the most part, among the participants of the expedition are technicians: they have to complete the modernization of the station. It concerns the replacement of the hot and cold water supply system, the reconstruction of the wharf, the completion of grounding of all station buildings and a number of other urgent works.

In addition, three scientists are heading to the Ukrainian station: a biologist, a meteorologist and a geophysicist.

Photo: MON

“It should be noted that before the new Antarctic season, a lot of maintenance work and improvement of the icebreaker’s operation was carried out. In particular, planned repair and maintenance of ship mechanisms and systems in dry dock, overhaul of ship’s power plants, as well as modification of the cooling system of ship’s power plants were carried out “In addition, a Ukrainian-made cavitation fuel module was installed. It is used to improve the quality of cleaning and reduce fuel consumption and extend the motor life of engines,” the department noted.

The icebreaker was also equipped with new navigation equipment and high-power searchlights, which should improve its adaptability to work in a difficult ice environment.

  • On January 28, 2022, the research vessel “Noosphere” set off on its maiden voyage to Antarctica. It was the first exit of a Ukrainian ship to the Southern Ocean in 20 years
  • On April 9, a change of expeditions took place at the “Akademik Vernadskyi” station. After 408 days, the research icebreaker “Noosphere” took the specialists home.



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