the Ukrainian singer told about a chance meeting with Pugacheva


Butkevich said that Alla Borisivna is her idol.

Anna Butkevych met with Pugacheva /

Ukrainian presenter, model and actress Anna Butkevich was one of the invited celebrities to the recent Laima Vaikule festival in Jurmala.

There, for the first time, she came face to face with the Russian singer Pugacheva Alla Borisivna and her husband Maksym Galkin. As Butkevich admitted on her Instagram page, she could not even dream of such a thing.

Anna says that Diva is her idol since childhood. She always admired her. At first, she liked the work of Pugacheva, and now – the position on a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“A meeting I didn’t even dream of. When she took my hand, I felt a crazy, but at the same time, soft female power. It happened in Latvia at a music festival where we collected money for Ukrainians. Alla Pugacheva is my idol from childhood. At first I was inspired by her music, then by her strength and character, and now by her position,” wrote Butkevich.

Anna Butkevych met with Pugacheva / Anna Butkevych met with Pugacheva /

We will remind you that earlier the presenter Nataliya Moseichuk told how she “caught” Galkin and Pugacheva in Jurmala. According to her, she called them and invited the showman for an interview. He replied that he would think about it. After that they moved on.

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