The UN has declared rights violations in the filtration camps of the Russian Federation

The UN has declared rights violations in the filtration camps of the Russian Federation

This is reported by the agency “Ukrinform“.

According to UN Assistant Secretary-General Ilse Brands Kehris, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has documented many cases where Russian occupiers ordered civilians to leave their homes or shelters and took them to Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory or to Russia.

“Kehris caught concern that the Russian Federation introduced a simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to children who were left without parental care and their adoption in the Russian Federation. In accordance with Article 54 of the Geneva Convention, it is prohibited to change the personal status of such children, including citizenship,” it says. in the message.

The UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights noted that the Russian military subjects Ukrainians living in the temporarily occupied territories or moving through them to the so-called filtering – a system of security checks and collection of personal data.

“This practice has led to numerous human rights violations… Our office has documented that during the filtering process, the Russian armed forces and associated armed groups subjected individuals to personal searches, which sometimes include forced exposure and detailed interrogations about background, family ties, political views and passions of a particular person,” Kehris said.

According to Kehris, the Russians are searching personal belongings, including mobile devices, and collecting data, photos and fingerprints.

“At the same time, people are often left without adequate access to food, water and hygiene products. Women and girls are exposed to the risk of sexual violence during such procedures. And persons suspected of belonging to the Armed Forces or state institutions, or who hold pro-Ukrainian or anti-Russian views , are subjected to torture. Cases of disappearance of people have been recorded,” the report says.

  • Russian occupiers are increasing the number of “filtration camps”. New points of abuse were recorded in the Berdyansk colony, a school in the Kherson region and in the city of Dzhankoy.
  • Krzysztof Szczerski, Permanent Representative of Poland to the UN, said that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are reminiscent of Stalin’s methods, in particular, Russian infiltration camps are an attempt to physically destroy the Ukrainian people.
  • Officials in the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin control and coordinate filtering operations in captured territories in Ukraine. Russia uses filtration camps for interrogations and forcible removal of Ukrainian citizens.

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