The UN improved the forecast of world grain production


This is stated in the message on site FAO.

It is indicated that the higher forecast is almost entirely based on recent positive estimates of Ukraine’s yield compared to previous expectations due to the persistence of favorable weather conditions.

In a new FAO report on supply and demand for cereals, world wheat production is estimated at 785 million tons, feed grain production at 1.51 billion tons (2.7% more than in 2022), and world rice production at 523 ,1 million tons.

The FAO food price index averaged 121.5 points in September, compared with 121.4 points in August. The index tracks monthly changes in international prices for food products traded on the world market.

At this level, the index is 10.7% below its year-ago value and 24.% below its all-time high reached in March 2022.

In September, the price of vegetable oils, dairy products and meat fell on world markets. Prices for sugar and corn were rising.

  • In August, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy improved the forecast for this year’s harvest. They emphasized that Ukraine will be able to increase the export of agricultural products in this way.



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