The United States is calling for stronger UN sanctions against North Korea

The United States is calling for stronger UN sanctions against North Korea

He writes about it Associated Press.

The United States mission to the United Nations has been working on a draft Security Council resolution for several months, and a senior US administration official said on Wednesday (May 25th) that it will be presented in a final form that can be voted on. North Korea’s neighbors, China and Russia, oppose the move, saying at a May 11 meeting that they want to see new talks, not more punishment for North Korea.

Announcements of the upcoming vote came hours after South Korea announced that North Korea had fired three missiles, including one considered the largest intercontinental ballistic missile.

Reuters writes that the draft resolution “will further limit North Korea’s ability to promote its illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs, it will simplify sanctions and further facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to those who need it.” The US representative told reporters.

The publication reports that North Korea has been subject to UN sanctions since 2006, which the Security Council has consistently and unanimously strengthened over the years to stop funding Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

  • North Korea has said it has developed a new intercontinental missile to deter the United States.

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