The United States will not put pressure on Ukraine for Russia's territorial concessions.  War news

The United States will not put pressure on Ukraine for Russia’s territorial concessions. War news

He wrote about this in The New York Times.

“Throughout this crisis, I have adhered to the principle: nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. I will not put pressure on the Ukrainian government – either privately or publicly – to force it to make any territorial concessions. This would be wrong and contrary to established principles, “said Joe Biden.

The President of the United States noted that the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia are not progressing because Russia is trying to occupy more territories, and not because “Ukraine has turned away from diplomacy.”

He added that the United States would continue to strengthen Ukraine and support it in its efforts to resolve the war through negotiations.

  • On May 13, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, had offered Ukraine to make significant concessions to end Russia’s war.
  • On May 22, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevics called immoral all talk of concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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