The UPG group of companies created more than 1,000 new jobs in Ukraine this year


“Constant large-scale investments in the construction and opening of new infrastructural facilities, an increase in logistics resources, in particular, the expansion of our own fleet of gasoline and gas tankers – all this implies the opening of new vacancies”, – they explain UPG.

Financial motivation is also increasing in the company: during the year, the wages of employees increased by 10–15% on average. Since the price of the consumer basket has risen in the country, such decisions are considered logical and timely.

At UPG, great attention is paid to the training and development of personnel: both those who have been part of the team for a long time, and those who are just starting their career in the company. It is for this purpose that an internal academy was created here, which started working two months ago. Among the main goals are ensuring the rapid adaptation of newcomers, developing corporate culture, receiving feedback from all levels of the company, etc.

The company is constantly analyzing and clearly aware of radical changes in the labor market. Millions of people have left the country in search of safety, which today creates a certain vacuum. However, returning Ukrainians are looking for work and often have a desire to change their qualifications. UPG is ready to teach how to master new professions practically from scratch. Currently, appropriate programs are being developed that make it possible to adapt people to the company’s internal processes, train and develop them.

“It is important for us that a person who has just become a part of the team immediately feels that UPG is the place where a career is built. If you want to become a professional in your field, grow and develop, you will have this opportunity. The company provides not only the necessary base, but also what allows you to become an expert on the market. Our internal academy functions as a “ladder” for career growth. We aim to fill 70–80% of management positions with internal reserves,” says Serhii Tsymbal, director of the Academy of the National Gas Station Network UPG.

During the year, each UPG employee is expected to have a training track of at least ten core courses, which will give him the opportunity to significantly improve his skills.

At the same time, UPG is actively working on a program for the reintegration of its employees returning from the war zone. Here they realize that it is necessary to respond to the challenges of the time comprehensively. Therefore, a large-scale course is currently being prepared with the involvement of external speakers with appropriate qualifications, and the experience of other countries is being studied. The company says that people who stood up to defend the country should clearly know that many opportunities, comfortable working conditions, training and development await them in a peaceful life. It is important for them to know that they are understood, and most importantly, that they know how to properly support their colleagues. Accordingly, a special course will also be held for the teams in the rear. The program is scheduled to start in the spring.

Another area that UPG also focuses on is the student and academic community. The company actively cooperates with higher educational institutions within the dual form of education. This gives her the opportunity to participate in the formation of educational programs and, in the future, to invite specialists of the required profile to work.



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