The US cannot provide unlimited aid to other countries - Congresswoman Mays

The US cannot provide unlimited aid to other countries – Congresswoman Mays

About this in an interview with CNN stated US Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mays.

“If we continue to provide unlimited aid to other countries, we will increase deficit spending even more. And this will only worsen the situation,” the parliamentarian said.

A few days ago, Kevin McCarthy, who can take the post of speaker of the House of Representatives in case of victory of the Republicans in the midterm elections, said that the aid to Ukraine needs more careful supervision. Commenting on these words of a fellow party member, Mays emphasized that if the Republican Party gets a majority, support for Ukraine will not decrease.

“Putin wants to raise the stakes in any way to cause destruction not only for Ukraine, but also for other countries. He is forming alliances with China and Iran, which do not bring anything good for the United States either. Therefore, we must show strength on the world stage. And internal disputes in the US, on the contrary, show us as weak on the world stage. At the same time, the situation in Ukraine affects the economy not only of the United States, but also of all countries around the world. Therefore, we must look for a certain balance in spending,” said Nancy Mace .

  • It will be recalled that on October 22, US President Joe Biden explained why assistance to Ukraine is important for NATO.

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